Western Transdanubia

Includes the counties Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala.

Western Transdanubia is one of the most attractive parts of Hungary. The small towns, rich in architectural heritage, are predominantly Baroque in style. The history of some cities, such as that of Szombathely, dates back as far as the Roman times. The towns of Western Transdanubia are said to be the most beautiful in Hungary: Kőszeg is often compared to a jewelbox, but the Baroque-style downtown buildings are also very attractive.

The nicest part of the region is the Őrség National Park at the feet of the Alps, rich in Hungarian folklore traditions. The conquering Hungarians have set up guard posts in the region in the 10th century, hence the name Őrség, which means "Sentinel's Land" in Hungarian. The tranquillity and the fresh air, the folklore traditions and crafts preserved in their original form, the products of independent farming economy (such as honey pálinka, goat- and cow cheese) attract many visitors.

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Fertod Esterhazy Palace  Sopron  Nagycenk Szechenyi Palace
Koszeg Orseg National Park  Orseg National Park

Recommended route by bus:
Budapest - Fertod - Sopron - Nagycenk - Koszeg - Orseg National Park - Budapest

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