Southern Transdanubia

Includes the counties Baranya, Somogy and Tolna.

South Transdanubia mapThis region is sometimes called the "Hungarian Mediterranean" because of its climate, with more sunshine hours per year than any other region in Hungary; therefore the soil is ideal for wine production. Its centre is Pécs, which will hold the title European Cultural Capital in the year 2010.

Many famous types of Hungarian wine are produced in the Southern Transdanubia region, such as the Szekszárd Bull's Blood and the Kadarka. The region is also famous for its thermal springs, and here is the only castle hotel in Hungary (Gróf Apponyi Castle Hotel) which has its own thermal bath.

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 Pecsvarad Castle Pecs Cathetral Szigetvar Castle 
 Siklos Castle Buso Carneval in Mohacs Szekszard

Recommended route by bus:
Budapest - Pecsvarad - Pecs - Szigetvar - Siklos - Mohacs - Szekszard - Budapest

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