Southern Great Plain

Includes the counties Bács-Kiskun, Békés and Csongrád.

Southern Great Plain mapThe Southern Great Plain is the richest region in natural waters in Hungary: the Danube, the Tisza, the Maros and the Körös rivers flow through its river valleys, complete with lakes offering many natural attractions. Visitors to the region find history and culture, horseback riding and healing waters, fine Hungarian food, quiet plains and busy towns to enjoy.  

The region is also known for its thermal springs: there are over 500 hot springs in the region, 100 of which serve medicinal and pleasure baths, which is why they sometimes call the region a thermal valley. The Southern Great Plain encompasses 3 out of 19 counties of Hungary, and is home to many "Hungaricums", consumer goods or other products linked with Hungarian production culture and knowledge.

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Kecskemet Cifrapalota Paprika of Kalocsa Szarvas Arboretum
Gyula Castle Opusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park Szeged
Recommended route by bus:
1. Budapest - Lajosmizse - Kecskemet - Kerekegyhaza - Kalocsa - Bp.
2. Budapest - Kecskemet - Szarvas - Gyula - Budapest
3. Budapest - Kecskemet - Opusztaszer - Szeged - Budapest

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