Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza is the second largest lake in Hungary after the Lake Balaton. It is an artificial water reservoir, built as a part of the flood control program of the Tisza River in 1973.Lake Tisza map

The lake offers a huge choice of recreation options, and untouched nature. It's visited mostly by families with children, hikers, nature enthusiasts, hunters and fishermen, as well as lovers of water sports: the Lake Tisza is the only place in Hungary where motorized water vehicles, such as jet skis, may be used legally.

The dam surrounding the lake provides an excellent opportunity to explore the area by bicycle. Amazing landscape, tiny villages and hospitable locals make a visit to the Lake Tisza an unforgettable holiday.


Bird ReserveThe north-western part, in Poroszló, has a bird reserve with over 200 species of birds, half of which fly here to breed. The 2500-hectare bird reserve belongs to the Hortobágy National Park. A strictly protected nature reserve, it is among the internationally acknowledged waterfowl habitats.

Bird Reserve Water lily Mallard

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Recommended route by bus:
Budapest - Poroszlo - Tiszafured - Abadszalok - Budapest

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