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Hungary is a land of festivals, a cultured country with a proud musical heritage, a place of wine production and regional delicacies and keenly protected folk traditions. Events are hosted throughout the year, featuring performances of song, dance and theatre, demonstrations of folk art or equestrian pageantry, and tables that heave with tasty food and drink. They are times of colour and energy and collective good will. So what events can you look forward to during your holiday in Hungary?


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In Hungary, you can see regions with a particular atmosphere, fabulous villages, churches and castles. You are welcome in Budapest, which many consider to be one of the finest cities of Europe. If you are fond of tasty food, and exclusive wines, this is the place that you will like!

Hungary is the best place for anyone wishing to enjoy a spa and wellness vacation in a thermal bath. Hungary is extremely rich in medicinal waters. Regarding thermal and medicinal waters it holds a unique position in Europe and ranked the fifth in the world. On the premises of the country there are currently 135 approved medicinal waters (curative thermal water) hustle up to the surface. They are recommended not only to maintain the body but to cure locomotor disorders, chronic, inflamed gynecological complaints, circulation disorders, respiratory cases, indigestions etc.