Driving time and rest periods

According to regulation (EC) 561/2006:

The daily driving time shall not exceed nine hours. However, the daily driving time may be extended to at most 10 hours not more than twice during the week.

The maximum daily working time shall not exceed 15 hours within 24 hour period, in that case, if driver shall have taken a break of at least 3 hours within 15 hour period. If the minimum 3 hours rest is beyond possibility, the working time may be extended to at 13 hours. (Driver may stay on board at 13 hours from starting to arrival).

After a driving period of four and a half hours a driver shall take an uninterrupted break of not less than 45 minutes, unless he takes a rest period.

This break may be replaced by a break of at least 15 minutes followed by a break of at least 30 minutes each distributed over the period in such a way as to comply with the provisions of the previous paragraph.

In any two consecutive weeks a driver shall take at least two regular weekly rest periods, or one regular weekly rest period and one reduced weekly rest period of at least 24 hours. However, the reduction shall be compensated by an equivalent period of rest taken en bloc before the end of the third week following the week in question.

A weekly rest period shall start no later than at the end of six 24-hour periods from the end of the previous weekly rest period.

Any rest taken as compensation for a reduced weekly rest period shall be attached to another rest period of at least nine hours.

Where a driver chooses to do this, daily rest periods and reduced weekly rest periods away from base may be taken in a vehicle, as long as it has suitable sleeping facilities for each driver and the vehicle is stationary.

A weekly rest period that falls in two weeks may be counted in either week, but not in both.

In that case the programm is not allow to observe the above regulations, it is requires involvement of 2 drivers.

The maximum daily working time shall not exceed 21 hours within 24 hour period for 2 drivers.